New to the world of publishing , I thought that winning the 2019 Pottersfield Prize for Creative Nonfiction was the biggest thrill. Little did I know what an on-going delight it would be to read the many positive reviews for Green Ghost, Blue Ocean. Thank you all for your very kind words!

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Here’s what readers have to say:

Fantastic story! – What a great story – a wonderful tale of the trip of a life-time. One couple’s journey sailing around the world. John

a great read! – A wonderful adventure that is superbly told. An interesting story that will appeal to everyone. NancyB

great read – good book. jimsibthorpe

Great summer read!! Very good, engaging read. Gives you a real insight into life on the ocean and this couple’s amazing life. john W

Excellent. Couldn’t put it down. YH

Great writing and riveting reading! KD

Captivating, Riveting, Adventurous and Soulful – I was captivated from Page One. A journey of a lifetime and I had a front row seat. Riveting at times and serene and exotic at others. Page by page this Sailing Adventure across 40,000 NM has something for everyone from the very young and for the adventurer who lives for the thrills and chills and last but not least for me the reminder of days gone by with a partner and soulmate who was by my side. A book for all ages and gender. This book will not disappoint. Muskokasandy

Love This Book! – A very fun read! Must read for everyone who loves the ocean, travelling off the beaten path, adventure, and of course sailing. It will leave you wanting more from the author and likely get you to research buying a boat with dreams of cruising the world’s oceans. sarahT5

Best Book I’ve Read in Years! – What a well written, entertaining and descriptive 283 pages! Personal, adventuresome and humorous.You took me to all of the places I’ll never get to. You and Nik were my morning coffee friends for the last week. I packed you up and took you to the water park twice a day, sat under my tree and sailed with you as my kid cooled off in the splash pad. I’m a little bummed that my stowaway journey with you only lasted a week. Any more pages? Brilliant work Jennifer! It’s right up there with the Bounty Trilogy. Your dream is well worth sharing! I love it! Dan Canada

An absolutely wonderful travel memoir, detailing how Jennifer Smith and her husband consciously chose to escape the corporate rat race and sail around the world. Jennifer shares not only a glimpse into what life on a sailboat is like, but an entertaining insight into places and people few of us will ever see! With great insight into human nature and life choices, this provides an inspiring read for anyone interested in living a different life – vicariously or for themselves! Jean Richardson

Wonderfully written – As an ex-sailor who voyaged along some of Green Ghost’s route, and partially in the same time frame, I thoroughly enjoyed the book as it brought back so many memories of my experiences with my husband, e.g. crew problems, food purchase, storage, preparation at sea, dealing with customs of so many countries, breakages of equipment, squalls, being becalmed, exhilarating trade wind sailing with the wind abeam or downwind. Not to mention all the interesting people we met along the way. J. from Vancouver, B.C.

Great Escape! – What a marvelous adventure and travel story – inspiring, eye-opening, and truthful. This memoir took me around the world to some of the most remote and hidden gems that few have seen. From Vanuatu to Flores to Borneo and many other places, I was struck by how much beauty there is in the world, and left with the burning desire to visit these places myself one day. While I am not a sailor, I thoroughly enjoyed traversing the world’s greatest oceans (Pacific, Indian, and Atlantic) through the eyes of the author. The descriptions are so vivid I could picture the marine life (whales, dolphins, and blackfish) swimming along the boat, and feel the fullness of being at mercy with forty-five knot winds in the middle of the ocean at night. Some of us dream a dream and others live it. It was nice to be reminded that there are people who are brave enough to walk away from everything to chart a course on their own. A great travel read! Jessica

Sail Away! A great summer read – This book is hard to put down, but you don’t want it to end. A beautifully told story of adventure, relationships and a personal journey. Jennifer’s writing takes you to far away places and brings them to life in your mind. Beware, you may end up feeling sea sick in some places, and you will surely add to your bucket list of places you want to explore. A great read for all ages. Carolyn

Delightful peak into the cruising life – I thoroughly enjoyed this book, finding it difficult to put down – it kept me wanting to see what would be over the next horizon. The opportunity to be introduced to exotic places and get to know life around the world was an amazing gift. But even more, this is a story about ‘taking the road less travelled’ (so to speak) and finding your own way – and how any of us can do it if we choose. Very inspiring! jr

The Real Deal – …This is a story of taking a risk and following your dreams, no matter the obstacles – and there are plenty of them in this terrific read. Jennifer is an excellent writer with a good sense of humour (definitely a survival tool for living in close quarters on the high seas.) She places the reader in the action so you feel you are on-board. A great summer or anytime read… I highly recommend it. And you won’t get sea sick turning the pages. Rod Carley

I would love to do this” – While reading this book, two thoughts kept alternating in my mind – “I would never do this” and “I would love to do this”. Jennifer does a great job of describing the terrors and the joys of sailing around the world. She does this without a lot of travelogue fluff while still taking the time to describe the beauty and fascination of faraway places.  I’m usually a slow reader and I read this book in one sitting. Henry

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